The 'CAMRA' Project:    

Over the past 15 years, with Robert Cohen at the healm, Pantherslair Productions has been the driving force behind the creation of the Science Fiction Fantasy phenomenon known as the "C.A.M.R.A Project". This project was set about to explore the extensive research and implementation of futuristic genetic technology in the 22nd century, (in an entity known scientifically as C.A.M.R.A), as a foundation for the overall plot and character development. The story also led its hand to the external interventions of the unknown or unexplained forces that surround our everyday lives and attempting to combine them symbiotically.

As the story draws close to completion in compressed format, discussion forums will be established to allow the science fiction fans and the greater community the chance to discuss the fundamentals behind the creation of this amazing accomplishment. These discussions will allow ideas and concepts to be raised on a variety of topics, and thus providing enourmous opportunities for young, talented animators and artists from all sections of the industry, the chance to showcase their skills as a lead up to the completion of the screenplay for the motion picture adaptation sometime in the future.

Upon completion of the final scripts, the novel will be published and commerically released, combining this with an extensive publicity campaign both nationally and internationally with Australian author and creator Robert Cohen. Through the course of this campaign, Pantherslair Productions and the combined members of A.I.M.M.S will seek interest from a variety of production organisation and sources both here in Australia and internationally, who possess a strong desire to be involved in the motion picture component of the project. Pantherslair Productions will then commence the first stages of pre-production and filming, here in Australia and America. The incorporation of the animation community will follow as the project draws close to post production, some months later.

No release dates of this production is available at this time, due to a pause in the writing and publishing.


Updated Voice and Dictation Technology will be fundamental to the completion of this story.

Production of the DVD format will begin soon after final post production and its commercial release will be withheld until at least 6 months following the cinematic release. Some advance copies will be made available for corporate and promotional purposes.

The premiere release of C.A.M.R.A both in Sydney, Australia and Hollywood, California will culminate in a total of close to 15 years of production and set the stage for Pantherslair Productions to embark on a multitude of other projects and develop a solid reputation for motion picture and multimedia based productions towards 2020 and beyond.

Pantherslair Productions invite any comments, discussions, questions, as well as letters or emails of interest from animators and production personnel globally in relation to the creation of "C.A.M.R.A" by emailing:

Finally, Robert Cohen has kindly offered to share some of his own personal comments of inspirations behind the development of C.A.M.R.A...

"Many countless years have painstakingly gone into creating a story that captures not only the intense imagination that people can possess, but to also open the eyes of the world leaders, so they may finally see and act upon, what we as a 'global community', should be focusing our attentions towards.

Since the tragedies that rocked America and Bali in the early 2000's and to the ever growing global concerns, many people are seeking for more peaceful resolutions to conflicts, in an attempt to help bring people and communties closer together. I hope the story I have created opens peoples minds and hearts to the "Bigger Picture" of where we should be heading as people and to forever help us seek out the answers to our many questions. Warmest regards."

Robert Cohen
Author / Executive Producer
Pantherslair Productions Australia

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